11053248_10205304261589961_6926400613443761844_n.jpgHe’s my charming chauffeur and body guard against all evil living things…

I worry about the dead.

D.P. Joynes grew up in the Pacific listening to war stories told by her grandfather, an army veteran. Joynes was also captivated by the diversity and especially spooky folklore entangled in her mixed cultural upbringing. Once writing optimistic prose for music lyrics while living in Tennessee, Joynes turned to the dark side – writing dark poetry and novels fueled by New York pizza and the whine of her moody teenagers. D.P. Joynes received two science degrees-one in electronics and one in nursing. She is the author of the Rising Saints High Book Series, including Goo of the Gods and Hella.

“I’m a coconut filled with maudlin sentimentality.” -Find me at DpJoynes.net.